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One-way Degassing Valve for Coffee Packaging

One-way Degassing Valve for Coffee Packaging
Product Detailed

High quality one-way degassing valve for ground coffee and coffee bean, original from US.


We supply the high quality one-way degassing valves original from US. This is a world class coffee valve and has got great reputation from many professional coffee roasters and experts.
It is essential for us to choose the good function degassing valves to match the good quality foil packages. That seems a small part compared with the expensive delicate coffee, but a basic request for the vast consumer market.

In fact, you can not judge a valve just by looking at it. Some valves may look the same, but not all function the same. You must test the amount of oxygen in a filled and sealed coffee package in order to test the valve function.
A study done by an independent laboratory showed that some degassing valves in the market allow oxygen to penetrate into the bags. They are NOT true one-way degassing valves.

It's our pleasure to introduce the functional valves to you. And welcome to call us for more details.


-Coffee is a High Quality beverage with delicate flavors. It must be protected from oxygen and moisture quickly after roasting in order to stay fresh for more than a few days.
-Coffee packaging requires a high barrier, low oxygen transmission package with heat seals that are 100% sealed. Multi-Layer film laminations with aluminum foil work well.
-Roasted Coffee also gives off high volumes of CO2 Gas for 1-2 weeks after roasting.
/Question: How do you package coffee in a completely sealed, air-tight bag, yet allow the CO2 gas to escape?
/ANSWER-Use a Functional One-Way Degassing Valve in your package.
-The quality of the package and a one-way degassing valve is measured by its ability to maintain a low amount of oxygen in the bags-less than 5% is desirable, less than 3% is preferred.

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